How to Find and Purchase Original Art Online

For centuries, original paintings have been collected by art aficionados all over the world.  Arguably, good oil paintings have been among the most treasured of all works of art.   With the advent of online art galleries, art lovers can not only browse to their hearts content, but they can easily make an art purchase.  So where do you start?

1) Browsing Internet for Original Art

Enter keywords that describe your art preferences into your favorite search engine.   Keywords give clues as to your style, ie – landscape, location, oil, realism, plein air, etc..

2) A certain style and/or group of artists or galleries may emerge as your favorites.   Add them to your favorites, or Subscribe to their “RSS feed” which will often result in an email when a new artwork is added.    You can then monitor the new work and be among the first to see it.

3) Once you identify a work of art you love, realistically assess where you would hang it.   How big is it and what are your framing preferences?  You want to be sure it works for you and the gallery or artist wants to be certain it is just right for you as well.

4) If you like the look of artwork under glass, with matting, you may want pastel or watercolor artworks.   Generally, oil paintings are framed in simple open frames.

5) Many online galleries ask collectors to call or email for prices, but fortunately, more and more online galleries are simply posting painting prices along with the painting.   Many online galleries even have an online purchase interface using credit cards or Paypal.

6) Expect that the cost of shipping artwork is generally passed on to the collector as the odd size tends to be moderately expensive depending on the distance.

7) Freely ask questions of the gallery or artist.   They understand that this is a one of a kind purchase and that you may require additional information.

8) Read the satisfaction/returnVezina_Art_Shop_Logo_White 2by1inch grayer policy.

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